The Tree Care Industry Association Inc. Job Opportunity

Regional Outreach Coordinator, Virginia and the Carolinas

This is a part-time regional outreach coordinator position. The coordinator will concentrate on creating groups of owners who meet and interact regularly (face-to-face and online). The candidate will facilitate increased participation in TCIA programs via regional workshops that address both owner and employee needs (EHAP, CTSP, Tree Care Academy). In the course of these activities, a pool of volunteers and member ambassadors will be developed by the coordinator to assist with member-get-a-member projects, peer-to-peer mentoring, and other activities that foster member recruitment and engagement.

Regional coordinators will live and work in their assigned regions to organize member gatherings (breakfasts, after hour’s gatherings, separate meetings during other arborist conferences) where current members interact with each other and prospective members are invited to see what they are missing. Coordinators will also attend regional meetings and conduct individual company outreach visits.  

Coordinators will:

  • Recruit and retain new members in the assigned region.
  • Retain current members and recruit ex-members in assigned region.
  • Help determine the best type of local training and organize live training sessions with support from the headquarters;
  • Strengthen the position and visibility of professional tree care with the public and in the green industry through consumer awareness opportunities at events, via social media, and traditional press;
  • Identify TCIA benefit needs in the region;
  • Engage prospective members through group and individual meetings;
  • Assist with development of regional social media interaction, including service projects, to complement the headquarters initiatives in this area;
  • Develop a local member group of volunteers tasked with exploring ideas to foster a consistent membership experience, supporting and reflecting positively on TCIA's reputation;
  • Improve interaction and deliver a higher value proposition for smaller members who don’t travel to TCI EXPO or TCIA Winter Management Conference (WMC); and,
  • Increase knowledge, involvement, and satisfaction with existing TCIA programs and services, including products, meetings, training materials, and credentials.


  • The successful candidates will have good organizational, communication, and home office management skills, as well as have good social media and office software skills.
  • The candidate will have an upstanding reputation in the tree care industry and should hold industry credentials.
  • Intimate technical and business knowledge and understanding of tree care operations and small business operations is required.
  • Home office equipment, ability to travel regionally, and ability to travel to TCIA headquarters on occasion are required.
  • Target areas for coordinators are Chicagoland base for upper Midwest area, Southern California base for West coast area and Atlanta to Charlotte corridor base for the Southeast area, however other locations will be considered depending on strength of the candidate, local industry, location, and TCIA strategic plans.


Part-time, compensation to be determined, base pay plus production incentives available. Relocation is not appropriate for this position.

To apply: 

Provide a resume and cover letter to: Or, apply via TCIA's Job Board.   

  • The cover letter should denote skills, experience, and credentials in the tree care industry, in small business development and networking, and in arboriculture. 
  • Candidate will be expected to have an industry presence and stellar reputation. 
  • Candidate should earn CTSP credential, if not current, within one year of employment.
  • Please include at least five print or on-line examples of written, graphic, marketing or related projects.