Title:ASTI - Z-133, The New Standard
Description:From planning the work to working the plan, the Z133 American National Standard for Arboriculture Operations – Safety Requirements can guide you and your crew in safely navigating the many hazards of our daily work. The ANSI Z133 just completed its most recent revision, and there are numerous fundamental changes to how we conduct arboricultural operations, from working within electrical hazards to operating a chain saw. This information-packed indoor/outdoor workshop will provide attendees with an interpretation of key parts of the Standard and the risks they can eliminate or reduce. It will be led by Dr. John Ball and Tim Walsh, who will share their experience on the committee to help workshop participants come to view the Standard not as a set of rules that must be followed but as the key to conducting safe, productive, and efficient arboricultural operations.

Learn from Dr. John Ball, CTSP and Tim Walsh, CTSP

This workshop is being funded in part by the Arborist Safety Training Institute.

Begin Date:08/04/2018
End Date:08/04/2018
Start Time: 1:00PM
End Time: 5:00PM
Member Price:$25
Non-Member Price:$25
Instructor:Dr. John Ball, CTSP Tim Walsh, CTSP
Location:Franklin Park
Street:1755 E. Broad St.
CitySTZip:Columbus, OH 43203
Organization:International Arborist Association

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