Qualification - Crew Leader

Aspiring, new and veteran crew leaders – develop and grow your leadership, communication and personnel management skills, and learn how to apply them to strengthen your team by earning your Qualified Crew Leader certificate.


Why earn the Qualified Crew Leader Certificate?

The crew leader has a critical role in the arboricultural industry - by earning the Qualified Crew Leader Certificate, you prove that you have learned enhanced leadership skills necessary to do the job, and do it well.

  • Employees:  Earning the qualified crew leader certificate provides a set of skills that allows continued growth and development in leadership and personnel management. It is also a formal recognition of professional achievement.
  • Employers and supervisors:  The certificate will represent a means of ensuring that an employee has received training and has been assessed in certain critical crew leader skills, and has successfully demonstrated satisfactory achievement.

Who should become Qualified Crew Leaders? 

Those currently working as crew leaders, individuals supervising crew leaders, and individuals working toward becoming crew leaders.

Here is how you become a Qualified Crew Leader:

1. Order and then pass the Crew Leader Manual.

The Crew Leader manual is completely new and full of great information and helpful forms.  It is in full color and divided into chapters addressing Quality Control and Professionalism, Leadership, Performance Management, Communication, Developing Crew Skill and Knowledge, Safety and Production.  Each chapter has a self-assessment test that is sent into TCIA for grading.  Get started by purchasing the TCA Crew Leader manual today.



2. Attend a Crew Leader workshop.

The one-day workshop is highly interactive with nine activities to help learn or hone leadership skills.  Topics and activities include how to communicate with clients, how to create and maintain professionalism on your crew, how to motivate crew members, how to train crew members, how to deal with conflicts including clients and crew members.

There is a Qualified Crew Leader exam at the end of the workshop.  You must pass the exam in order to earn your Qualified Crew Leader Certificate. 

The workshop fee is $295 for TCIA members and $399 for non-members. 

IMPORTANT: Completion of the Crew Leader manual is a pre-requisite to attend the Crew Leader Qualification workshop and is an additional purchase.

Crew Leader Qualification Workshop


Call TCIA at 800-733-2622 to learn more about the Qualified Crew Leader Certificate.