Apprenticeship On-the-Job Learning

Here is a full list of the competencies and associated hours of on-the-job learning (or “OJL”) that your apprentice will cover over the course of the program. Please note the following:

  1. You must be able to train an individual in all the work processes.
  2. OJL is an opportunity for you to train the apprentice using your company’s approach to each of the areas using technology that exists in your organization.
  3. Upon completion of the program, TCIA will review the apprentice’s time entry to ensure all hours were completed and approved by the journeyworker.
Hours Work Process Description (Competencies)
450-500 Adhere to ANSI and employer safety standards for all work.
180-200 Identify common trees and shrubs in the employer’s region.
540-600 Perform rigging on the ground and aloft.
900-1000 Access trees safely.
720-800 Operate a chain saw on the ground and aloft, and perform field maintenance.
270-300 Operate a chipper.
9001000 Prune trees and shrubs from the ground and aloft, according to ANSI A300.
720-800 Remove trees and shrubs.
720-800 Local Optional Work Processes
A. Operate vehicles with or without trailer.
B. Operate aerial lifts.
C. Operate stump grinder.
D. Participate in responses to storms and emergency situations.
E. Install tree support and lightning protection systems.
G. Perform plant health care activities.
5,400-6000 Total Hours