Become a TCIA Approved Instructor

Arboriculture is a dangerous profession, so it's only natural that safety training is one of our biggest priorities here at TCIA. TCIA has Tree Care Academy and Electrical Hazards Awareness Program (EHAP) training courses to help keep your employees safe and get them trained. Many of the training programs also make great workshops.

By becoming a TCIA Approved Instructor, you can teach Tree Care Academy and EHAP workshops for:

  • TCIA
  • Local arborist groups
  • To fulfill grants
  • Municipalities and other agencies
  • For other commercial companies
All you have to do is complete three steps:
  1. Become a CTSP
  2. Hold a valid certificate in the course you want to teach (such as Chipper Operator Specialist, EHAP, etc.)
  3. Provide references for a minimum of five successful training events
  4. Agree to recognize and not abuse EHAP and Tree Care Academy trademarks and copyrights

If you meet these requirements:

Mail to: Attn: Beth Ibitz Tree Care Industry Association 136 Harvey Road, Suite 101 Londonderry, NH 03053

Call 800-733-2622 or email