The Pat Felix Volunteer of the Year Award

The Pat Felix Volunteer of the Year Award is named after an industry leader who, along with her husband Bob, helped run this Association without any staff – just volunteers. Since the retirement of Pat Felix in 2001, TCIA has helped carry on her legacy of hard work and dedication with this Award, which is presented annually to a TCIA member volunteer who has gone above and beyond the call of duty as a volunteer.

Nominations for the Pat Felix Volunteer of the Year Award are made by the President and the Board of Directors of the TCIA. The recipient(s) are honored at TCIA’s annual Winter Management Conference.

Current winner

Pat Felix Volunteer of the Year Award goes to Bartlett’s Peter Becker
Presented at Winter Management Conference in February 2013 by Kevin Caldwell and Mark Garvin.

Each year, the Chair and president are given the privilege of selecting someone for special recognition. The Pat Felix Volunteer of the Year Award is presented to a TCIA member who has gone above and beyond the call of duty, committing a great deal of time and effort to the success of TCIA and what it offers to our members. This award was named after a very special lady who, along with her husband, Bob, helped run this association back when there was no staff and volunteers were needed everywhere, including to run this meeting.

There are many different types of people in the world, but often you can stereotype volunteers into two different types: those who volunteer and seek recognition for their volunteer work, and those who volunteer for the benefit of others and the advancement of ideals. This year’s winner is a person who has tirelessly worked on behalf of the industry without seeking recognition. A person who always says “yes” when asked. A person who has always stepped-up when work was to be done. 

And our industry’s future is dependent on the success of that work. ANSI A300 tree care management standards set the bar of professional performance for our industry. And, Accredited companies are required to follow those standards.

Our Volunteer of the Year award winner has been instrumental in the advancement of A300 standards and TCIA Accreditation. By serving on the Accredited Standards Committee A300, this person has been tasked with one important project after another.  Whether it is developing new standard drafts, facilitating forums at TCI EXPO, or giving presentations at various industry events, he has always come through. And A300 is just the beginning, our award winner also serves on the Accreditation Council, helping to advance our industry’s most important credential. 

And with approximately 40 years’ experience in the industry, our award winner has helped with many other important initiatives as well: 

He is a TCIA business mentor, and has unselfishly helped a number of companies improve their business and even gain TCIA Accreditation. He helped establish and test the initial concept of plant healthcare practices as a business service.

And that’s why we’d like to recognize Peter Becker, senior vice president of the Bartlett Tree Expert Company, with the Pat Felix Volunteer of the Year Award.

Past winners

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