The TCIA Safety Awards recognize exemplary action in two areas. The Outstanding Individual/Crew Performance award recognizes an individual's or crew's heroic reaction to an emergency situation and the Outstanding Company Contribution award recognizes a member's proactive program to address safety issues. Here is the list of recent winners:


Oustanding Individual/Crew Performance

  • Three Wright Tree Service crews
  • Richard Burt, trimmer with Trees, Inc.
  • Townsend crew of Terry Willett, Dan Aston and Corey Cooper
  • Jonathan Hensley, Carolina Tree Care
  • Marc Rayfield and Jaime Tucker, Carolina Tree Care
  • Wayne Harris, Chad Chrisawn and Matt Murphy, Carolina Tree Care
  • Terry Williams, Josh Perry and Ben Perry, Carolina Tree Care
  • Chris Turner and Ricky Ramirez, Carolina Tree Care
  • Wilber Larios, The Bartlett Tree Expert Company
  • Six Asplundh crews, worldwide

Oustanding Company Contribution

  • Vine & Branch Tree Service
  • Trees Inc.
  • S & S Tree and Landscaping Specialists
  • Lucas Tree Experts
  • Davey Tree Expert Company
  • The Bartlett Tree Expert Company
  • Arborwell


Outstanding Individual/Crew Performance

  • Foreman Dan Williams and his crew, Wright Tree
  • General Foreman Cesar Bustos, Wright Tree
  • Roger Baynum, Townsend Tree Service
  • Gary Shaffer, Lucas Tree
  • Marc Rayfield, Jaime Tucker and Jeffery Richards, Carolina Tree Care
  • Rob Springer, CTSP, The Bartlett Tree Expert Company

Outstanding Company Contribution

  • Arborwell
  • Embark Tree & Landscape Services
  • Lucas Tree Experts’
  • Townsend Tree Service
  • Vine & Branch Inc.Lewis Tree Service


Outstanding Individual/Crew Performance

  • Sean Schanbacher, Bartlett Tree Experts
  • Robert Wells, Townsend Tree Service Co., Inc.

Outstanding Company Contribution

  • Lucas Tree Expert Co. Inc.
  • S & S Tree & Horticultural Specialists, Inc.
  • Townsend Tree Service Co., Inc.
  • University of Massachusetts & Bartlett Tree Experts
  • Vine & Branch, Inc.