Yolanda Halley

Job Title: 
Regional Outreach Coordinator - Southern California

Yolanda is the Regional Outreach Coordinator for southern California from Los Angeles to San Diego.

As a Coordinator, she will facilitate increased participation in TCIA programs via regional workshops that address both owner and employee needs (EHAP, CTSP, Chipper Safety and other Tree Care Academy training programs, PHC Implementation, Business Boot Camp, etc.)

She will also organize member gatherings, attend regional meetings, conduct individual company outreach visits as well as strengthen the position and visibility of professional tree care with the public and in the green industry in southern California.

Yolanda is based in the San Diego area and has been the administrator for the past six years of PTCA, (Professional Tree Care Association of San Diego), and led botanical tours in English and Spanish at the San Diego Zoo.

She has a passion for trees and helping to educate tree workers and arborists with proper tree care procedures and keeping them safe in the field.

She has earned a B.A. in Anthropology from San Diego University and Master Gardener from the Cooperative Extension, UC San Diego.