Utility Contractor Accreditation Program

TCIA’s new Utility Contractor Accreditation program is for commercial right-of-way (ROW) vegetation management/utility line clearance contractors.

The Utility Contractor Accreditation Program, like the established Residential/Commercial TCIA Accreditation program, is designed to help ROW and utility companies improve themselves and become model tree service companies. It also gives those companies that are already doing everything right a third-party credential to prove it.

TCIA Accreditation gives utilities and other ROW managers, as well as their investors and oversight agencies, the comfort and assurance of knowing that their sub-contractors meet a high level of professionalism in safety, technical services, regulatory compliance and general business practices. Although all risk cannot be eliminated, the TCIA Accreditation program will mitigate the most common risks that lead to losses in our respective industries. The end result for the utility? Contracts that are more efficient and easier to manage.

The Utility Contractor Accreditation Standard and on-site assessment checklist include items that utility and other ROW purchasing agents routinely require in contracts, such as:

  • Governmental regulations (OSHA 1910.269; other applicable OSHA standards, FMCSR, FIFRA, etc.)
  • Industry standards for performance and safety (ANSI A300 and ANSI Z133)
  • Internal human resource policies and procedures
  • Internal safety training and qualification program
  • ISA Certified Arborist - Utility Specialist and Certified Treecare Safety Professionalson staff
  • Internal Injury and Illness Prevention Program (safety program)

Clients can have greater peace of mind with the knowledge that hiring a TCIA Accredited Utility Contractor for their tree and vegetation management services helps to ensure safe and professional work on their properties and rights-of-way.

For more information about the Utility Contractor Accreditation program, contact Charlie Tentas or call 800-733-2622.