Why TCIA Accreditation

“Being accredited has helped me be more accountable to myself, my staff and our clients. It also gave me a better feeling about the profession I’m in.” – George R. Lee, Branch Tree Service

What does TCIA Accreditation do for your company?

Reduces stress for owners and managers.
Implementing Accreditation training programs and policies will help employees perform better.

Saves work time by reducing mistakes, call-backs and complaints.
Utilizing standard written specs will verify that employees, sales people, and clients are on the same page.

Helps tree care companies of any size create and maintain safety/technical training programs. 
The Accreditation process helps companies evaluate their OSHA, DOT, and HazMat compliance programs.

Gives government and municipal clients a way to finding companies that meet industry standards.
Accreditation is a well recognized proof of compliance with industry standards.

Gives insurance companies a way to identify safer companies.
Research shows that companies are safe, not individuals.  Accredited companies have formal documented training programs that improve worker safety records. Plus – Accreditation makes you eligible for Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage through ArborMAX.

Gives consumers a way to find trustworthy tree care companies.
Accredited companies are marketed by TCIA as the source for expert, professional service. Some of the marketing tools we provide include:

  • A press release sent by TCIA to your local media outlets announcing your company’s achievement
  • 15 free zip code searches on the TCIA website that highlight your company’s Accreditation credential
  • Customizable residential and commercial property marketing brochures
  • Use of Accreditation logo for your website, marketing materials, etc
  • Truck, chipper and helmet decals
  • Apparel patches and pins
  • Plus, a marketing CD with even more!

If you’re interested in learning more about what TCIA Accreditation can do for your business, contact Charlie Tentas for an information packet and access to our FREE Accreditation webinar. It provides an informative look at the standard, step-by-step, and will help you understand how it can be implemented at your company and why it will help your company. You can also view upcoming Accreditation webinars on our Training Center.