Part 2

ANSI A300 (Part 2) - 2011 Soil Management a. Modification, b. Fertilization, and c. Drainage

The A300 Part 2 standard addresses the following items.

  • Soil Management
    • a. Modification section
      • Evaluating site soil condition practices
      • Managing soil organic matter content practices
      • Incorporation of soil amendments
      • Compaction – prevention and mitigation practices
      • Mechanical soil loosening
      • Surface application of organic mulch
  • Soil Management
    • b. Fertilization section
      • Soil reaction (pH) adjustment
      • Fertilization practices
      • Calculations for fertilization area
      • Fertilization applications

Note:The Fertilization section recognizes and provides standards for basic fertilization methods:

  • Surface fertilization:The application of dry fertilizer on the soil surface.
  • Subsurface dry fertilization:The application of dry fertilizer below the soil surface.
  • Subsurface liquid fertilizer injection:The application of liquid fertilizer below the soil surface.
  • Alternative fertilization:A number of techniques that may include spraying a liquid directly on the foliage, injecting a liquid directly into the plant, or implanting a solid directly into the plant.

Advisory Notice:

Surface application shall not be made where surface runoff is likely to occur.

  • Soil Management
    • c. Drainage section:
      • Mitigation of impenetrable layers
      • Mitigation/adjustment of surface drainage
      • Mitigation/adjustment of subsurface drainage

Part 2 Soil Management Resources: