Membership Resources

Welcome to our Member Resources page!

As a TCIA Member, you have access to our entire library of resources. If it's your first year of TCIA Membership, you'll receive many of these resources (plus a few surprises!) by mail.  In the meantime, feel free to browse - and call us if you have any questions! 



Week 1 - Business Tools

From professional standards to the latest publications, utilize these tools to run your business safely, efficiently, and successfully.

Week 2 - Intro to TCIA Events

TCIA hosts the world's largest tree care conference and trade show, Winter Management Conference and workshops throughout the year. Enjoy members-only savings and deep discounts for all TCIA events.

Month 1 - Safety Tools

Take advantage of our tools and training so you can stay safe and go home, dirty and tired, at the end of every day. Your new member card will be included.

Mini Booklets

Month 2 - Savings and Highlights

Enjoy deep discounts (including a bonus 15% off coupon) on training, educational materials and other valuable tools.

Month 3 - Marketing Your Business

From videos to radio ads, reach the customers you want, however you want.

Month 4 - Get Involved!

Month 5 - Reaching the Homeowner

You need customers. Use our materials to find, keep and impress them.

Month 6 - Preparing for the Unexpected

Prepare for, stay safe during, and recover after an emergency.

Month 7 - CTSP

Create a culture of safety in your workplace with our Certified Tree Care Safety Program.

Month 8 - Feedback

We want to hear from you. Participate in our survey and receive a gift!

  • Stay tuned for a survey on your Membership experience!

Month 9 - Accreditation

Our business growth program will help strengthen the foundation of your business and construct a successful future.