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Click to see the current issue of TCI Magazine“… [TCI Mag is] absolutely the reference that we are going to check in with to help run our business. We lean heavily on the information that comes in those magazines every month as we grow ... our business.” - Andy Ross, RTEC Tree Care in Falls Church, VA

TCI Magazine, the official publication of the Tree Care Industry Association, is the most widely read periodical in the tree care industry.

Informative articles on tree care issues, leading advertisers, an industry almanac, and cutting edge product news combine to make TCI Magazine a must-read for tree workers, tree care company owners, and anyone who wants a fresh, insightful look at our industry. Plus, TCI Magazine is free to U.S. - based companies. You can check out our archives to see how we look in print!

Are you a subscriber to TCI Magazine? Then you know how important the publication is to the success of your business. But did you also know that subscribing to TCI Magazine is just the tip of the iceberg to the benefits that you could enjoy as a member of the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA)?


TCIA members receive a number of benefits, like unlimited access to arborist and business advisors, discounts, three monthly publications, customizable marketing materials, and more!

As the only tree care industry trade association in the world, TCIA provides industry business owners with a vast amount of resources to ensure they are competitive, safe and compliant.

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