Survey Center

Below you will find surveys and data collected about the Tree Care Industry and our Association. The intent of collecting this data is to educate the industry, help tree care companies create benchmarks for their business and to provide you with information that will help you make more informed business decisions.

When compiling data and producing these reports, we must have enough respondents to make the data useful. So that we can continue to make these resources available to you and as beneficial as possible, please participate the next time you see a request. Your information and opinions are important to us and will help us plan programs and services to better serve you.

As always, unless we state otherwise, your personal information will be kept confidential. Information will be used in aggregate to provide a picture of the industry or issue.

Accident Survey

Accidents continue to increase in the tree care industry and this trend is distressing to companies, employees and consumers. TCIA’s annual Accident Survey is just one tool we’re using to combat this increasing problem.

The 2012/2013 Accident Survey is now closed.

Accredited Company Profile Reports

Every year TCIA produces an Accredited company median profile report.  Results are invaluable to Accredited companies.

Did you know that on average acccredited companies earn 30% more gross revenue per production employees, and that Accredited companies have a lower WC experience modification rate than the average tree care company? 

Accreditation profile reports are available only for Accredited companies, contact the Accreditation department via email for the most recent copy.

Operating Cost Benchmark Report

The 2014 Operating Cost Benchmark Report provides detailed financial performance results for the tree care industry based on data provided by participating TCIA member companies. TCIA members were encouraged to complete the Operating Cost Benchmark Survey in the spring of 2014.

Those that completed the Survey received a customized report with details about their companies’ revenue and operating costs, compared to that of other tree care companies, which seeks to help them identify strengths and weaknesses specific to their companies. An online profitability tool was also available to participants.

TCIA is making the overall summary results available to members to help encourage business growth and development. The 2014 TCIA Operating Cost Benchmark Report provides detailed financial performance results for the tree care industry based on data provided by the participating (and anonymous) members. Results presented in this report are based on income statement, balance sheet and operating data for fiscal 2013. The tables in this report are designed to provide a comprehensive but straightforward analysis and comparison of profitability among firms.

Wage & Benefit Survey

The Tree Care Industry Wage and Benefits Survey compiles information on tree care companies wages, benefits and sales. These statistics provide a complete picture against which you can evaluate your company’s wage and benefit offerings, which could benefit your company in employee recruitment and retention. TCIA member participation is necessary to ensure a complete picture of our industry.

Are there any issues or questions that you would like TCIA to consider exploring?  Let us know!