CTSP Testimonials

“I wanted to let you know how valuable an experience the workshop, review and exam were. Thank you.”
   - Nathan J. Wright, National Grid Western Division

“Safety is not a component of this certification, it is the certification.”
    - Dr. John Ball

“It's not just a title, but an attitude that I now take with me to the jobsite, always aware that we constantly have to be on our toes and think about the safety to those around us, as well as to ourselves.”
    - Chris Girard, Girard Tree Service

“Being a CTSP provides a level of credibility and a unique network to rely on.”
    - Jim Craner, Asplundh Tree

“Since earning my CTSP I have improved my abilities as a safety professional in maintaining my CTSP (CEU’s) and in the process of presenting at the CTSP workshops. The more I teach and train, the more I learn.”
    - Tim Walsh, the Safety Compliance and Training Manager for the Asplundh Tree Expert Co.

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