Tree Care Academy®

The Tree Care Academy® offers courses that can be administered at your company for credentialing of employees according to industry standards. Each course teaches and tests for critical skills and core knowledge that tree care employees need in order to work safely and professionally. 

Employees: Holding tree care industry credentials will help you show your skill and value to your employer.

Employers: Lower insurance premiums are offered to companies with low injury rates. Established training programs such as Tree Care Academy® ensure this insurance savings. Training programs lower injuries, increase productivity and save money. It’s really that simple.

In addition, having employees credentialed according to industry standards gives you a way to verify that OSHA and ANSI Z133.1 required training has been performed. It also is a great way to identify motivated employees for future promotions.

The current available credentials include:

Tree Care Apprentice™

Ground Operations Specialist™

Tree Climber Specialist™

Aerial Lift Specialist™

Tree Care Safety Specialist™

Tree Care Specialist™

PHC Technician™

Crew Leader™

Aerial Rescue Training Program™

Chipper Operator Specialist Program

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Tree Care Academy® Training Materials

Each level comes with manuals to help you train your employees. There is also a checklist of skills to help you verify their progress through on-the-job training. You may also choose to use the following optional educational aids:

Tree Care Apprentice™

Basic Training for Ground Operations in Tree Care DVD Series - Video 1

Ground Operations Specialist™

Basic Training for Ground Operations in Tree Care DVD Series - Videos 2-5

Tree Climber Specialist®

Basic Training for Tree Climbers DVD Series - Videos 1-5

Rigging for Removal DVD Series - Videos 1-2

PHC Technician™

Managing Insect and Mites on Woody Plants: an IPM Approach

Aerial Rescue Training Program

Aerial Rescue Training Program DVD

Host a TCA Workshop

Are you interested in hosting a TCA workshop? Download this PDF to learn how.