Our TCIA Team

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David White / President & CEO

David White / President & CEO

As president and CEO, David works closely with the TCIA Board of Directors to develop strategy and leads a team of 45 employees that support the mission and goals of this growing and vibrant trade association. He has a demonstrated history of working in non-profit organization management, maintains his Certified Association Executive credential and holds a Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration from Suffolk University. / Email Me


Bob Rouse / Chief Program Officer 

Bob has over 30 years experience in the green industry, including many years as a practicing arborist.  As the chief program officer, Bob provides direction for TCIA Accreditation programs, the TCIAF loss control program, and TCIA credentialing programs, including EHAP and Tree Care Academy. Bob is the secretary for the ANSI A300 tree care standards. He also provides leadership for TCIA's membership and marketing activities. Bob has served TCIA and its members since 1997. / Email Me

Charlie Tentas / Account Rep Sales

Charlie is the account representative for TCIA’s Accreditation and CTSP programs. Charlie can help you enroll in, and manage the process of, Accreditation and Certification.  He is responsible for the Resellers Program, which offers TCIA training books and DVD’s to arborist and tree care supply vendors worldwide. / Email Me

Jenifer D’Urso / Credentialing Specialist

Jenifer joined TCIA in July as a credentialing specialist for the Accreditation Team. Her responsibilities will be to manage day-to-day aspects of the Accreditation programs and the Tree Care Industry Association Foundation (TCIAF) Loss Control program, as well as coordinate with auditors. Jenifer earned her bachelor of science in accounting degree at Southern New Hampshire University. She worked in higher education for 15 years in admissions and finance. She previously held positions in various sectors, including retail and government. Jenifer is an avid reader and lifelong learner, a certified herbalist and reiki healer. She has two German shepherd mixes (Patience and Zoe) and two tabby cats (Artemis and Maia).  / Email Me

Beth Ibitz / Credentialing Specialist

Beth Ibitz joined TCIA in February as a credentialing specialist in the Association’s Londonderry, New Hampshire, office. She will be responsible for managing all aspects of the certifi cate training programs, including EHAP and Tree Care Academy. She also assists with regional workshop planning and managing programs in safety and employee credentialing.
Beth has a degree in horticulture from the University of Connecticut, and worked for many years in garden centers in Connecticut. She switched gears to working in property and casualty insurance prior to her moving to New Hampshire and joining TCIA.
Beth likes anything related to the outdoors including hiking, trail running, snowshoeing, gardening, and her Great Pyrenees, Violet.  / Email Me

Corporate Sales

Sachin Mohan / Vice President of Corporate Relations and Marketing (TCI Magazine & TCI EXPO)

Sachin is the point person for TCIA’s associate members and is staff liaison on the Associate Member Committee.  He facilitates the relationship between tree care companies and our industry’s manufacturers, vendors and suppliers of products and services through channels such as TCI EXPO and TCI Magazine. Sachin has served TCIA and its members since 1996.
If you’re interested in advertising in Tree Care Industry Magazine, TreeWorker newsletter, or the TCIA website, or would like to exhibit at TCI EXPO, contact Sachin.  / Email Me


Amy Tetreault / Director of Development and Special Programs

As the director of development and special programs, Amy is responsible for leading the association’s development efforts and cultivating and strengthening relationships with current and potential donors. She works to coordinate awareness for TCIA’s Partners Advancing Commercial Tree Care (PACT) program, Voice for Trees Political Action Committee, Arborist Safety Training Institute, and TCIA Foundation programs. Amy also works with the entire TCIA team to manage large, long-term projects that aim to further the tree care industry.  / Email Me

Sandy DeMello / ASTI Grants Coordinator

Sandy is responsible for managing two Arborist Safety Training Institute (ASTI) grant cycles each year that fund safety-training workshops. She provides support for the grant committee members and meetings, including compiling data, preparing reports and organizing meetings.  / Email Me

Information Technology

Bruce White / IT Director

Bruce is responsible for TCIA’s information technology infrastructure which includes internal systems and support of tcia.org, tciaf.org and treecaretips.org. Bruce’s unflagging attention to current security practices ensures that all TCIA policies and procedures meet the highest standards and member account information remains safe. / Email Me

John Fletcher / Systems Administrator

John Fletcher joined TCIA in March as a systems administrator in the Londonderry, New Hampshire, office. He will be joining the Information Technology team to assist in building out and maintaining the organization’s technical infrastructure.
John has a degree in Business Administration and started out in finance after graduating from Southern New Hampshire University.
For the last three years, John has worked in IT as a network and systems administrator, focusing on integration efforts for an organization’s mergers & acquisitions team.
John became a father in February to his son, Harlen Phoenix Fletcher! John’s other interests include basketball, cycling, and hiking.
 / Email Me

TCI Magazine

Don Staruk / Editor

Don is editor of Tree Care Industry Magazine, the most widely read publication in the tree care industry, and The Reporter, TCIA's most popular members-only publication. Don is always looking for story ideas, photos and feedback. Send him an email or post your photos. You may just be in the next TCI Magazine! / Email Me

Sue Blanchette / Associate Member Services Coordinator

Sue wears a lot of hats in her role as Associate Member coordinator. She is the ad traffic manager for Tree Care Industry Magazine as well as the Buyers Guide and Equipment Locator supplements, the TreeWorker and TCIA's website and electronic publications. She handles the Tree Care Industry JobBoard and all classified advertising for the magazine and the web. She responds to associate member inquiries and questions from advertisers. At times she is called on to pinch hit with layout and design in support of TCI publications and our advertisers.  / Email Me

Richard May / Graphic Artist

 Richard is responsible for the print and digital layout and production of Tree Care Industry Magazine and theReporter. As videographer, he creates educational and promotional content for TCIA and TCI EXPO. He also designs ads, products, logos and graphics for TCIA's web initiatives. / Email Me


Mike Rennie / Marketing Director

As marketing director, Mike works with his team to execute and manage all marketing-related communications and activities throughout the association. Mike has 15 years’ of management and marketing experience and has a diverse background that ranges from marketing international education programs to working as marketing director for a national construction trade association. / Email Me

Kathleen Costello / Senior Graphic Designer

As the in-house senior graphic designer, Kathleen designs and creates print and digital materials for TCIA. Committed to creating design materials that communicate effectively, her work can be seen throughout TCIA’s programs, events and outreach. Kathleen’s brochures, posters, web graphics, ads and other creative materials work to advance the branding of TCIA to members, the tree care industry, and the public. She is also a photographer and has taken many of the images that you see on our website and in our promotional materials. Kathleen also creates and coordinates the posts for TCIA’s Instagram account. / Email Me

Jon Gerstenberger / Marketing Coordinator

As the marketing coordinator, Jon maintains TCIA's paid social campaigns, contributes to organic social posts, email marketing campaigns, writing and editing various business communications, and acting as product liaison between Marketing and all other TCIA departments. Jon holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Southern New Hampshire University, and is currently working towards a Master’s Degree in Marketing Research Analytics from Southern New Hampshire University.  / Email Me


Diane Morgan / Director of Meetings

Diane coordinates TCI EXPO, the world’s largest tree care industry trade show and conference, and Winter Management Conference, the premier business conference for the industry. Diane is responsible for selecting conference locations, handling speaker negotiations, working with hotels and convention centers, and ultimately implementing TCIA’s largest events. Diane manages a department of three and oversees the organization and planning of 100+ workshops and trainings within the tree care industry. / Email Me

Mai Chen / Senior Meetings Coordinator

As meetings coordinator, Mai provides support for many of the meetings and events that appear on TCIA’s calendar, most notably TCI EXPO and Winter Management Conference. She also coordinates CTSP workshops throughout the country, the annual TCIA board of directors meeting and the spring and fall A300 committee meetings.  / Email Me

June Hibbs / Meetings Coordinator

As meetings coordinator, June handles The Susan Harwood grant workshops which provide free EHAP and Aerial Lift training around the country. In addition, June provides support for many of the meetings and events that appear on TCIA’s calendar, most notably Student Career Days, TCI EXPO and Winter Management Conference.
June comes from a background of more than 20 years as the manager of member services for a luxury travel club. / Email Me


Tom Dunn / Director of Membership

Tom is based out of the Londonderry, NH Home office of TCIA, serving as the Director of Membership. Areas of responsibility include increasing awareness of TCIA programs and services, helping in the development of new programs and services to meet member needs and membership recruitment and retention. Tom also oversees the Regional Outreach Coordinator Program and represents TCIA in its relationships with numerous external constituencies.
Tom earned his B.A. in Political Science from the University of New Hampshire, with a background in insurance/risk management and occupational health and safety programming. Tom has worked in member relations roles for a non-profit municipal association and is a lifelong resident of New Hampshire.   / Email Me

Stephenie Secord / Membership Coordinator

As the membership coordinator, Stephenie is responsible for the support to the Director of Membership, as well as administration and project manager within the membership department. She will act as support to the TCIA marketing and accounting teams for membership needs. Stephenie will be the front line contact for TCIA members, and is eager to speak with TCIA members to help solve problems or offer guidance and support, and to learn how we can make TCIA work for you. She wants to hear from you! Please do not hesitate to reach out to learn how to get the most value from your membership resources!  / Email Me

David Lee / National Outreach and Retention Manager, New England/New York Regional Outreach Coordinator

David works to build awareness of TCIA and convey the value of membership and programs. He regularly attends regional meetings and trade shows around the country, plus visits TCIA members and is responsible for membership recruitment and retention.  / Email Me

Dawn Thierbach / Regional Outreach Coordinator - Great Lakes

Dawn is the Regional Outreach Coordinator for Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.
As a Coordinator she will facilitate increased participation in TCIA programs via regional workshops that address both owner and employee needs, (EHAP, CTSP, Chipper Safety and other Tree Care Academy training programs, PHC Implementation, Business Boot Camp, etc).
Dawn organizes member gatherings, attends regional meetings, conducts individual company outreach visits as well as strengthens the position and visibility of professional tree care with the public and in the green industry.
She is based in central Michigan and brings 20 years of experience as co-owner; with her husband Jeff Thierbach, of Victorian Gardens Tree Service.
Her credentials include; ASCA (American Society of Consulting Arborists) Registered Consulting Arborist #579, CTSP, ISA Certified Arborist, ISA Certified Tree Risk Assessor, Member of the MTCC (Michigan Tree Climbing Championship) and Member of ISA chapter ASM (Arboriculture Society of Michigan). Dawn also has an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science/Ornamental Horticulture from Oakland Community College in Auburn Hills, Michigan.  / Email Me

Beth Offenbacker / Regional Outreach Coordinator - Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and North Carolina

Beth is the Regional Outreach Coordinator (ROC) for Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and North Carolina. As an ROC, she facilitates increased participation in TCIA programs via regional workshops that address both owner and employee needs, (EHAP, CTSP, Chipper Safety and other Tree Care Academy training programs, PHC Implementation, etc). She organizes member gatherings, attends regional meetings, conducts individual company outreach visits as well as strengthens the position and visibility of professional tree care with the public and in the green industry.
Beth is an experienced outreach professional who is based in Northern Virginia. She is an active Tree Steward with Tree Stewards of Arlington and Alexandria (TSAA), and she currently serves as Chair of Continuing Education. Previously, she served as TSAA Training Chair from 2015-2017, with responsibility for leading a committee that coordinated the training of incoming Tree Stewards. Beth also leads green career workshops with the nonprofit Leaders in Energy.
In addition to her work with TCIA, Beth owns a small business that provides talent development and employee engagement services. She has extensive experience in designing and leading community engagement processes, including for environmental projects (watersheds, stormwater, and sewer). She also serves as an instructor for a community engagement class for urban planners.   / Email Me

Karla Coar / Regional Outreach Coordinator - South Carolina, Georgia and Florida

Karla is the Regional Outreach Coordinator (ROC) for South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. As a new TCIA ROC, she is excited about greeting and meeting with TCIA Members and Members-to-be! As a long time tree care company owner, Karla understands firsthand the issues companies face. She is available to help find solutions to company owners’ and employees’ biggest concerns for safety and growth in the tree care industry. Karla is a Certified Arborist and a member of the ISA Southern Chapter. She lives in beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.   / Email Me

Margaret Hall Spencer / Regional Outreach Coordinator - Texas/Louisiana/Oklahoma

Margaret is the Regional Outreach Coordinator for Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. She is based in the Austin, Texas area.
As a Coordinator she will facilitate increased participation in TCIA programs via regional workshops that address both owner and employee needs, (EHAP, CTSP, Chipper Safety and other Tree Care Academy training programs, PHC Implementation, Business Boot Camp, etc.).
Organize member gatherings, attend regional meetings, conduct individual company outreach visits as well as strengthen the position and visibility of professional tree care with the public and in the green industry.
Margaret is an ISA Certified Arborist and Municipal Specialist and owns a business that provides arboricultural, horticultural and landscape consulting services. She is a board member of the Houston Area Urban Forestry Council and ISA Texas. Margaret is also the author of the children's book, My City Tree Cares for Me.  / Email Me

Peggy Drescher / Regional Outreach Coordinator - Midwest

Peggy is the Regional Outreach Coordinator for Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri & Iowa.
As a Coordinator she facilitates increasing participation in TCIA programs via regional workshops that address both owner and employee needs, (EHAP, CTSP, Chipper Safety and other Tree Care Academy training programs, PHC Implementation, Business Boot Camp, etc).
Peggy organizes member gatherings, attends regional meetings, conducts individual company outreach visits as well as strengthens the position and visibility of professional tree care with the public and in the green industry.
Peggy is based in greater Chicago and brings 23 years of experience in the field of Urban Forestry and is an ISA Certified Arborist. She is also a CTSP and a member of IAA ( Illinois Arborist Association). / Email Me

Christi Ruiz / Regional Outreach Coordinator - Southern California

Christi is the Regional Outreach Coordinator for Southern California. She has been involved in the tree industry growing up with her family’s tree care business in Southern California as well as serving in volunteer roles at Tree Climbing Championships through WCISA and NATCC. Christi has an extensive background in customer service, loves working with people and looks forward to meeting TCIA member needs in her area.
Christi lives in Fontana, California with her husband Phillip Ruiz, who is the Technical Training Director at Brightview Tree Care Services in Southern California. Christi has been married for 20 years and has 4 kids and 2 grandkids.  / Email Me

Human Resources

Kristy L. Hiller

Kristy L. Hiller / Human Resources Manager

Kristy L. Hiller joined TCIA in August as the Human Resources Manager. In this newly developed role, she will manage the human resource function of the organization and support the various needs in support of continued growth. Kristy has over 18 years of experience in the Human Resources field and will provide insight into areas such as recruitment, onboarding, employee life cycle, employee relations and off boarding. Her demonstrated positive energy and approachability have allowed for relationship building amongst varying layers of staff within organizations. In addition, her ability to maintain an open, transparent communication style has allowed for the creation of a foundation of trust within the work environment. Kristy earned her Bachelor of Science majoring in Business Studies/Human Resources Management from Southern New Hampshire University.   / Email Me


Tasha Bilewicz / Office Manager

Tasha Bilewicz recently took over TCIA’s offices in Londonderry, New Hampshire.
Tasha was previously an office manager at a startup medical company and helped to get that business up and running as well as assisting them in receiving their JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) certification. She has more than 10 years in office management in the medical field.
She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Kaplan University. Tasha enjoys watching her son, Zach, play basketball. She also volunteers at dog shelters and recently adopted a kennel dog, Mercedes.  / Email Me

Jan Borelli / A/R Accounting Assistant

Jan handles all of TCIA’s invoicing and statements, including monthly invoicing of Tree Care Industry Magazine and membership dues. She is responsible for all phases of accounts receivable, as well as some account reconciliations. / Email Me

Lauralee Powers / Accounting Assistant

As accounting assistant, Lauralee is responsible for accounts payable, month-end account reconciliations and all recordkeeping for fundraising and events for TCIA.  / Email Me

Beth Kelly / Administrative Assistant

Beth is responsible for assembling and mailing membership kits, tabulating various surveys, data entry and processing correspondence. She also provides support to the management team to enhance the workflow in their respective departments. / Email Me


Peter Gerstenberger / Sr. Advisor for Safety, Standards & Compliance

With over 30 years experience as a practicing arborist and the senior advisor for safety, standards and compliance at TCIA, Peter manages the department responsible for developing TCIA's safety and technical programs and heads up TCIA's regulatory affairs initiatives. He is also responsible for the Certified Treecare Safety Professional program and acts as staff liaison to TCIA's Safety and Education Committee and TCIA’s Alternate Representative to the ANSI Z133 Committee. Peter writes columns and articles for TCIA publications and speaks at arborist meetings around the country on safety and regulatory issues. Peter has served TCIA and its members since 1985.  / Email Me

Irina Kochurov / Credentialing Administrator 

As the administrator of the Certified Treecare Safety Professional program, Irina assists with database updates, meeting rosters, tests, exercises, and communications with prospective CTSPs and other program details.  / Email Me

Tchukki Andersen / Staff Arborist

A Board Certified Master Arborist and Certified Tree Safety Professional, Tchukki has worked in the field of arboriculture for more than 20 years. She writes technical articles for the TreeWorker, Tree Care Industry Magazine, and compiles best management practices for industry publications. Speaking to homeowners through TreeCareTips.org and the Tchukki Channel video series, she is our resident “tree surgeon general.”  Got a question about trees or how to care for them?  Ask Tchukki at “Ask an Arborist.”  / Email Me

Workforce Development

Meagan Pukhtiar / Recruitment and Workforce Development Manager

As the Recruitment and Workforce Development Manager, Meagan supports the talent acquisition and recruitment experience functions for TCIA members. Through the development of marketing and recruiting strategies for businesses with workforce shortages, she is committed to building the green industry. 
Meagan has over five years of diverse experience in higher education including recruitment, retention, advising, career counseling, and admissions. / Email Me