Example articles from the April TCI Magazine

Setting Up Shop: What Do You Need in a New or Expanded Tree Care Facility?

by David Rattigan

In a funny promotional video, tree workers in tuxedoes and safety helmets climb palms and feed wood chippers at a beachfront mansion in Florida as symphonic music plays. This is Sarasota-based Black Tie Tree Services, and while they are playing for laughs in the video, co-owner Glen Rieth is serious about the image projected.

He has successfully branded the company as an upscale tree service, with a uniformed crew and white, well-kept trucks that pull up to million-dollar homes, botanical gardens and golf courses.

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Making Trees a “Moving” Experience

by Rick Howland

Even after more than a century of growth and diversification, there are always new opportunities in the tree care business. Take, for example, the business of moving large trees, which, we discovered, is often a profit center born out of unexpected opportunity, at least in the experience of two companies in the Northeast.

One, Onderdonk’s Tree Care, Inc., head-quartered in Schodack Landing, New York, just south of Albany, specializes in moving some of the largest specimens in the country and in some very challenging situations, while using some of the largest pieces of tree-spade equipment ever built (much of it designed by the business owner).

The other, Harder Services, an accredited TCIA member company based more than 150 miles south on Long Island, is known throughout New York City for its ability to move trees – all dug by hand! – from one part of the city to another and for being able to work synchronously with a fastidious city parks department.

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