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Storm Network

Get your company on our list of TCIA members who are able and willing to help out other TCIA members in their time of need. TCIA uses this information to compile a database of TCIA member companies available for storm crew work. Participating companies can search here to find each other and develop working relationships to respond when the time arises. There is also an online community with helpful resources for doing storm work that participants have access to.

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Peer to Peer

TCIA has the only peer-to-peer group dedicated to the tree care industry.

The peer-to-peer group is a facilitated, self-governing, strategic gathering of company leaders who are willing to share their backgrounds, skills, and industry experiences for the purpose of developing strategies, solutions and best practices for personal, professional or business development.

All topics discussed are confidential, and each member will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

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Business Mentor

Seeking advice, sharing knowledge, and providing personalized feedback helps us become better tree care professionals, and raises the bar for the industry and is included in the cost of membership with TCIA.

Whether you’re looking to teach or learn, TCIA will match you with a mentor/mentee with similar business goals. Topics include business development, sales and marketing, human resources, finance, and everything in between!

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TCIA Member 401k Plan

When it comes to your retirement plan, costs matter and value is essential. Learn what the TCIA 401(k) program can do to help you keep your eye on both while offering a valuable plan for your employees!

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TCIA has developed this partnership with Savings4members to bring our valued members more cost-saving benefits. Your membership with TCIA will now bring your company robust cost savings, trusted vendor partner programs and unbeatable customer service. These benefits also include Canadian vendors, providing coverage for all members across North America.

Benefits include fuel cards, which each member can utilize at local gas stations across the country, savings on payroll and credit card processing fees, uniform costs and so much more. TCIA is proud to offer our valued members these great new benefits to reduce their overall cost of business expenses.

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Onsite Business Consulting

Running a tree care business is easy, said no one ever. Tree care company owners may have a wealth of technical tree care experience, but likely have no or limited experience running a business when they first start out. You may have a unique competitive environment or some issue that is limiting your growth. Your company may be doing great, but you would like to start preparing for the future transition of the company to a family member, key staff or selling to another tree care company. Maybe you just need to have another pair of eyes to look at your operations and provide recommendations to improve your operations.

We have seen these issues come up often with many TCIA member companies and decided to develop a service that could help you address them. TCIA is now offering an individualized consulting service for tree care companies looking for assistance on a wide range of business issues.

The approach to this service includes a confidential visit to your facility by an experienced industry professional for a comprehensive intake of your company’s operations over a two-day period. The consultant will speak to you and key staff, and review any pertinent company documents to help clarify any apparent issues and identify any unknown issues.

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ArborMaxArborMAX®, the only insurance program endorsed by the Tree Care Industry Association, doesn’t just provide insurance for tree care companies. It also supports the industry through competitive pricing and by contributing to industry safety and loss control programs.

Why Choose ArborMAX® ?

  • Experience and Knowledge
    The ArborMAX® underwriting team has more than fifty years of experience and extensive knowledge of the tree care industry. Our ArborMAX® agents are chosen to represent the Program based on their knowledge and ability to address the specific insurance needs of tree care companies.
  • Endorsed by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA)
    ArborMAX® is the only insurance program endorsed by TCIA. ArborMAX® also returns two percent of all premiums collected back to the tree care industry in a commitment to support safety education and training.
  • Committed to the Tree Care Industry
    ArborMAX® is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), the Utility Arborists Association, and many other state and local tree care associations. We are constantly traveling to industry events, trade shows, conferences, climbing events, etc. to support the industry. All ArborMAX® agents are also TCIA Associate Members and are committed to the tree care industry nationwide.
  • Loss Control Services  
    TCIA representatives conduct all loss control surveys for ArborMAX® clients. These representatives have over 20 years of experience in the tree care industry and know the business inside and out. Loss control specialists work directly with our insured’s to help them improve their safety programs and work toward lowering their overall insurance costs.
  • Excellent Customer Service
    Customer service is our number one priority. Our turnaround times are among the best in the industry. We issue all policies and endorsements within 30 days and are able to respond to insured’s and agent’s requests in a very timely manner. 

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E3One Employee Engagement Survey Tool

Measuring employee engagement is an important first step in creating a truly high-performance workplace culture where employees look forward to coming to work and accomplish more when they get there. TCIA has partnered with E3Solutions to offer a full-service cloud-based survey tool at a price unmatched in the industry. Cost is no longer a barrier for TCIA members who want actionable, science-based data literally at their fingertips ($475.00 for TCIA members).

Upon competition of the survey, company leaders will receive post-survey materials including a survey action plan, a communication guide for your team, and a team-based exercise for getting everyone's voice at the table. With results in hand, you will be surrounded with science-backed resources to process, communicate, and act on your results right away. You'll get critical guides and action plans to map out your next steps. Make the right move, get started right now.

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