TCIA On-Site Business Consulting Program

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Why TCIA On-Site Business Consulting?

On-Site Business Consulting is a program that gives tree care companies the expertise to address a tree care company's most pressing business issues. 

A company may be doing great but is at a point where the owner would like to start preparing for a future transition to a family member, key staff, or selling to another tree care company. There also may be a unique competitive environment or identified other issues that's holding them back. The owner of a company find it difficult to pinpoint issues, and would like a fresh perspective of their operations and advice on how to improve the situation. That is where TCIA's On-Site Business Consulting can help set any tree care company up for for success!

Some examples of business issues that can be covered with TCIA Business Consulting Service: 

•   Best type of business organization for your operation
•   Safety Consulting
•   Business and Equipment Financing 
•   Business Valuation
•   Succession Planning
•   Budgeting/Sales Forecasting
•   Other topics based on the tree care company’s needs


The Consultation Process

  1. Send in your Information
    Please fill out the Business Consulting Request Form below to submit your information to begin the process.

    Contact us to further discuss the service and how TCIA can help align with your company's goals. 
  2. Sign Up your Company
    Candidates should complete the Business Consulting Request Form below to begin the process.  
  3. Prepare
    The TCIA business consultant will email you to confirm the assignment and obtain additional information needed. The consultant will provide a confidentiality agreement for your signature and make arrangements for a scheduled site visit. DISCLAIMER: Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, the scheduling of on-site visits are subject to any travel restrictions at the time and may need to be rescheduled to a later date.
  4. The Consultation 
  • A confidential visit will be made to your facility by an experienced industry professional
  • A comprehensive intake of your company’s operations will be taken over two days
  • The consultant will speak to you and key staff and review to help identify and clarify issues and pertinent documents
  • The consultant will sit down with owners at the end of the second day and provide a summary of initial observations
  • Within seven days of the visit and depending on the issues, the consultant will provide a detailed report with recommendations on the next steps with any available industry resources that could help address the issue

Sign-Up and Connect:

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