Title:Abiotic Problems Workshop
Description:Saturday's, June 15 & 22 - This IAA Advanced Training Course will provide an in-depth study of common abiotic stresses on trees and woody plants. We will discuss specific abiotic disorders associated with environmental conditions, nutrient deficiencies, chemical injury, animal and mechanical damage along with various other stresses people inflict on plants. We will also cover diagnostic skills needed to recognize these stresses and suggest remedies to correct, minimize or prevent these problems. We will discuss the importance of laboratory analysis of soil, water and tissue samples in properly diagnosing plant problems. Weather permitting, outdoor sessions will be conducted and case studies will provide hands on practice at diagnosing abiotic tree problems. During the outdoor sessions we will also evaluate various signs and symptoms, site conditions, and plant history, so that we can accurately identify the cause of the problem. Focus will be on the types of stresses that predispose trees to decline. Materials will be covered through PowerPoint slides and field case studies. A 20-point multiple choice test will be given at the end of class. Recommended reading: Abiotic Disorders of Landscape Plants, A Diagnostic Guide, Lawrence R. Costelllo, Edward J. Perry , Nelda P. Matheny, J. Michael Henry, Pamela M. Geisel, 2003. Deadline for registration is June 11, 2019. If you have any questions about the class, you may email jeannie@illinoisarborist or monica@illinoisarborist.or or call the IAA office at 877-617-8887.
Begin Date:06/15/2019
End Date:06/22/2019
Start Time: 8:00AM
End Time: 2:00PM
Member Price:150.00 (IAA Member)
Non-Member Price:190.00
Instructor:Aaron Schulz
Location:Lincolnland Community College - Springfield
Street:5250 Shepherd Road
CitySTZip:Springfield, IL 62794
Organization:Illinois Arborist Association
Contact:IAA Office
CEU:10 CEUs available

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