Title:ArborMaster L2 Arborist Rigging Applications
Description:3 Day Module:

ISA Certified Arborists will receive 24 CEUs.

•Level 1 Arborist Rigging Applications

The participants will be educated as members of small working teams, employing modern tools and equipment. Arborist Rigging Applications (Level 2) builds on the principles and practical skills acquired in Level 1. The concepts of system dynamics, force management, design factors, and working load limits will be re-examined; and new concepts, methods, and principles that relate to rigging systems will be taught. The students will learn to plan and execute compound rigging systems in challenging field exercises. This course emphasizes safety, skill development, and productivity; and consists of both theoretical and practical learning activities.

Course Topics:
• Rigging Safety and Risk Management
• Rigging Physics
• Rigging Lines and Rope Tools
• Rigging Hardware
• Rigging Cutting Techniques
• Rigging Techniques

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Begin Date:08/30/2021
End Date:09/01/2021
Start Time: 8:00AM
End Time: 4:30PM
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Location:ECC Camp
CitySTZip:Ashford, CT
Organization:ArborMaster Training

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