The CTSP Recertification Process

It is imperative that employees continue to develop their knowledge and expertise in safety, which is why the CTSP Council believes that the CTSP should continue to develop and improve his/her professionalism through constant learning and growth, through teaching others and through the actual implementation of CTSP’s teachings.


To maintain CTSP, candidates must obtain 30 CEUs during their three-year recertification period and submit a renewal fee every three years. Member Renewal fee is $125.00 and Non-Member Renewal fee is $250.00.

CTSPs must obtain CEUs in three (3) Mandatory Categories:

  1. Professional Development – minimum 5 and maximum 15 CEUs for attending safety seminars, workshops, or other training events.
    The CEU Request must be submitted with documentation of the CTSP’s attendance at the event such as:
    • Conference or workshop: receipt for program registration
    • In-house training: attendance verification form
    • College course: copy of the course transcript. College courses are granted 10 CEUs per credit hour.
    • CPR/First Aid course or other qualified courses: copy of certificate or wallet card (front and back).
  2. Safety Program Development – – minimum 5 and maximum 15 CEUs for developing and/or implementing “safety program elements” (safety policy, written safety procedures, safety lessons, forms/checklists, manuals, etc.) or participation in the Safety Committee, or preparation time for the training/meeting you present.
    CEU Request must be submitted with copies of any written or visual elements you created (forms, videos, copies of the program elements, etc.)
  3. Safety Training – minimum 5 and maximum 15 CEUs for delivery of a safety trainings, seminars meetings. 
    CEU Request must be submitted with copies of any written or visual elements of the training (images, handouts, videos, etc.) and the training/meeting attendance sign-up

Alternatively, The Manager Verification form can be completed and uploaded as the supporting documentation.

If you use the TCIA Tailgate Safety Program, use this [Tailgate Training Log] as the supporting documentation.

CEU Topics must relate to one of four CTSP program elements:

  1. Safety Leadership
  2. Hazard Identification/Assessment
  3. Hazard Prevention/Control
  4. Adult Learning

To Access your CTSP records, apply for CEUs or request a 6-month Recertification Extension if you cannot complete the CEU requirements before your expiration date:

  1. Sign In” using your username and password.
  2. Click on "Hi, (your name)" in top right corner.
  3. Click on "My CTSP" tab.

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