About ASTI

Why ASTI is Important

The Arborist Safety Training Institute brings together the tree care industry to address an issue that affects our employers, employees and customers – the scarcity of quality, local and affordable safety training for working arborists.

ASTI provides grants to fund job and safety training that seek to minimize consequent deaths and injuries, and promote overall workforce safety that is critical for the tree care industry.

The strategies of ASTI are simple – and powerful: Provide quality, affordable safety training by professional trainers to ensure every arborist who wants safety training has the opportunity to participate.

Funds for these grants are donated by tree care companies, suppliers and distributors from around the country. ASTI donors are making an investment in the future of safety throughout the tree care industry.

ASTI at a Glance

After seven grant cycles, ASTI has funded 135 workshops that have trained 3800+ tree care workers. Workshops have been held in 35 states by a variety of organizations, including tree care companies, tree care associations, and more.*

“It’s a huge help to the industry, the fact that now there are monies out there to keep the costs of training low. The grants really benefit the people who are coming into it and don’t necessarily have the money to attend a structured training.” – Ed Carpenter, President of NATS

“We were fortunate to receive an ASTI grant, which covered the cost of workbooks for my students. The point of the ASTI program is to provide extremely low-cost training to tree workers working on trees every day. ASTI gives us a wonderful ability to provide quality training at incredibly low costs.” – Rob Calley, Owner of Backridge Tree Service

“Everybody there [at their ASTI-grant funded workshop] appreciated the hands-on exercises as well as up-to-date information on potential hazards and how to prevent them. Even better, we all had a great time.” – Richard Polk, Director of Safety at Pittman Tree & Landscaping Inc.


Contact the ASTI Grants Office:

Tree Care Industry Association
ASTI Grant Office
670 N Commercial Street Suite #201
Manchester, NH 03101

Phone: 603-314-5380 / Fax: 603-314-5386 / Email: asti@tcia.org

*Data accurate as of 3.7.19