15 years flew by for the CTSP program!


The CTSP program began fifteen years ago and the CTSP community is more than 2500+ strong all over the U.S.! With consistent, ongoing certification required, the 15-year achievement reflects the continued professionalism and dedication that these CTSPs bring to their companies and the tree care industry as a whole. Thank you all CTSPs for all you do to bring the culture of safety to this amazing industry!

Steve Shaffer CTSP No. 11.
"Been with the company 41 years and have seen the evolution of safety evolve. It's been a great thing although there's always room to improve. I always tell the fellow arborist that somebody out there loves you so let's see to it we all go home safely at the end of the day. Accidents aren't on purpose and will always happen but we need to make every effort to eliminate as many as possible. As Spock says. "Live long and prosper". Stay safe"

Nick Peterson, CTSP No. 9
"I would like to thank Dave Scharfenberger of Wachtel Tree Science for originally encouraging me to get the CTSP certification. The CTSP certification has helped me keep safety front and center for my time at Wachtel and for the last 12 years with the City of Green Bay Forestry Department."

We are so proud of these, and many more OGs of CTSPs (Certified Treecare Safety Professionals)!