TCIA Member Pulse Survey 


TCIA has been sending out a quarterly Member Pulse Survey to gain better insight and knowledge, which is crucial to help serve our members better in 2021 and beyond! Thank you to our members who participated in our last quarter's survey!

This survey spots insights that deserve immediate attention and identify the issues you are experiencing in real-time. It allows follow up with immediate action or time to investigate them further, depending on the urgency. The TCIA Pulse Survey also provides TCIA staff with up-to-date information on what members are looking to accomplish and reveal TCIA’s performance in different areas. 
Another benefit of this survey is that it consistently measures the impact of an internal or external event, i.e., Covid-19, and how it affects the tree care industry and TCIA’s members over time. TCIA members can see how their peers work through different business issues to assist with their internal business decisions. Corporate members will have access to trends and pressing issues their customers face, assisting with their marketing and product and services development.

TCIA Member Pulse Survey Quarter One - January, 2021 Results: 


Of responders who commented: 
38% were uncertain what to expect during the next 12 months for the overall economic conditions in the U.S.  
37% felt the economy would decline. 
25% felt there would be an economic increase. 

Of responders who commented: 
42% will or are expanding PHC. 
8% is taking on wildfire mitigation. 
50% are growing the business in general, mostly due to high demand. 

Of responders who commented: 
19% stated training employees. 
27% stated managing growth of business and timeliness of execution. 
36% stated underbidding of uninsured, untrained competitors
9% stated finding quality employees. 
9% stated emotional health. 


Of responders who commented: 
60% stated they did not require outside IT assistance. 
20% has outside IT assistance. 
20% is currently exploring. 

Of responders who commented: 
42% Not at this time. 
58% Possibly. 

Looking for more information about the TCIA Member Pulse Survey? Email Tom Dunn, Director of Business Solutions at