Offering a 401K Program - Where to Start?


Did you know that a retirement plan review is the most important tool for uncovering cost savings? When it comes to your retirement plan, costs matter and value is essential. What if you could spend less on your retirement plan but get more? Learn what the TCIA 401(k) programcan do to help you keep your eye on both. It’s a simple way to compare value to money spent! With the TCIA Multiple Employer Aggregate Program, you will find individual attention and economy of scale at a competitive group price—and that’s just some of the value of joining the TCIA 401(k) program!

Your first step to reducing retirement plan costs and raising value? Take 30 minutes with Rich Cawthorne of Alpha Pension Group for a Q & A and to review the TCIA Multiple Employer Aggregate Program and see how the TCIA 401(k) program can benefit your business. Learn about:

  • Introduction of Alpha Pension Group
  • The benefits of coming together
  • Why you should join
  • Information available to you
  • Next Steps
  • Q&A

401K Q&A sessions: