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Mind the Gap. Five Overlooked Tips for Managing Small Business Costs.

Anyone who owns or manages a small business knows how hard it is to keep track of all the little expenses that can really add up at the end of the year. With so many things to worry about, we’ve created this helpful list of five common areas you can dig into to trim expenses and help you be the hero of your small business. The best part is you’ve got access to all of them and more, helping you save thousands of dollars annually and dropping more to your bottom line. Here’s our top five:


5 – Credit Card Processing – Many small businesses take the path of least resistance and work with an off the shelf credit card processor or their local bank, which results in paying processing fees that are not negotiated and eat into your profit margins. Partnering with a credit card processing company who can work on your behalf will save you thousands of dollars annually in fees.

4 - Fuel Cards – If you manage a fleet, or have employees who travel extensively, you should consider a fuel card program. In many cases these programs can save up to .15¢ per gallon. Think about the miles driven annually and the savings can really add up!

3 – Uniforms – You never have a second chance to make a first impression. Ensuring your team always looks polished and at their best is one way to help differentiate your small business. And you’d be surprised how affordable it can be to work with a full-service uniform program.

2 – Payroll & HR Services – Wearing lots of hats means you are probably managing payroll, compliance, and HR. Take the burden off you and work with a company that has partnered with hundreds of thousands of small and mid-size businesses like yours to help you better manage your cash, your people, your risk, and most importantly your time.

1 – Office Supplies – The average small business is overpaying on commonly used items like sticky notes, pens, paper, and ink. Without a negotiated discount, do you know you are getting the best deal? Believe it or not, you might be overpaying to tune of thousands of dollars annually.

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