Best Safety Practices/Programs

TCIA’s safety educational programs seek to provide tree care companies with the tools and information needed to improve safety and professionalism on the jobsite while complying with OSHA and ANSI requirements. These programs are designed and written by arborists and are full of useful information specific to running a tree care business.

Tailgate Safety

When you absolutely need to conduct safety training with limited time disruption to your company, TCIA’s Tailgate Safety Program is the training program for you.

Tailgate training is a brief, informal and informative lesson you give at the shop, in the yard or at the job site. You can use simple props, pictures, etc. to supplement the lesson, and even tie the subject matter into a recent experience or the job on tap for the day. Involve employees in the training. Although it requires only a small amount of time, Tailgate training is highly effective for increasing both knowledge and awareness.

OSHA requires employers to document they provide safety training, and the TCIA Tailgate Program provides forms for training documentation.

TCIA Tailgate Safety features 100 sessions covering workplace scenarios likely to cause harm. Each session includes trainer instructions; reproducible, illustrated handouts and quick comprehension tests you can use for OSHA safety training documentation.

Benefits to TCIA’s Tailgate Safety Program:

  • Convenient, quick, on-the-job lessons 
  • Flexibility - Deliver the lessons you need, when you need them 
  • Cost-effective - One program covers any number of employees 
  • Comprehensive education, with 100 different sessions
  • Worth 29.5 ISA CEUs and up to 75 CTSP CEUs

Tailgate Safety is an affordable way to bring needed safety training and awareness to your crew.

The Tailgate Users’ Group

Organizations that purchase Tailgate Safety 7th Edition may register up to three Tailgate Users for unlimited online access to training materials and other Tailgate resources.

Registered Tailgate users can access the Tailgate Users’ Group HERE .

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Best Practices for Crane Use in Arboriculture

This manual from TCIA combines technical knowledge and industry standards of crane use in tree care and demonstrates important methods for safe crane/tree operations. 

Combining best practices from professional crane operators and arborists who use cranes, it provides an overview of site selection, set up, weight calculations, communications, rigging procedures, safe operations and regulations for tree care workers utilizing a crane to remove trees.

Going beyond basic tree/crane industry standards, Best Practices for Crane Use in Arboriculture covers important how-to’s and illustrates the fundamental principles of crane use. Included is a comprehensive, pull-out green log weight chart printed on sturdy card stock and formatted for easy reference.

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Best Practices for Rigging in Arboriculture

"With the book in hand I'm confident I could have a new climber read the book and have them acquire a good, basic understanding of rigging.” - Tom Dunlap, CTSP, St. Edwards University

This manual from TCIA assists arborists of all abilities in making educated choices regarding safe and effective rigging methods.Many illustrations, photos and diagrams are used to facilitate learning. With extensive contributions from professional arborists throughout the tree care industry, this manual looks at hazard tree inspection, rigging methods, equipment, forces and friction, crew safety, and more. Sample lists of acceptable rigging equipment will assist qualified arborists with their equipment choices for individual tree removal sites. Available in English and Spanish.



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Best Practices for SRT in Arboriculture

Single Rope Technique, or SRT, is an increasingly popular method for ascending into, and in some cases maneuvering through and working in a tree’s canopy. The technique offers greater efficiency, better ergonomics and less wasted energy when compared to traditional methods of ascension. Best Practices for SRT in Arboriculture is now in its second Edition. This latest edition includes updated photos as well as a printed and digital (CD) directory of SRT-compatible climbing equipment and equipment suppliers. Its technical information covers a wide array of proven SRT equipment and technique, and emphasizes climber safety when using SRT systems.

These Best Practices products are intended to be used as companions to ANSI Z133 standards.

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Best Practices for Stump Grinder Operations in Arboriculture

An inexperienced person running a heavy, expensive machine – usually alone – will quickly find there is much more to safe stump grinding operations than simply unloading it and starting it up. The Best Practices of Stump Grinding Operations in Arboriculture is the missing link between safe, productive stump grinding, and lost time/revenue due to property damage or injuries.

This guidebook reveals essential information about stump grinding operations that untrained personnel would not consider: grinding operations on a slope, traveling or moving the grinder over snow or mud, the care and feeding of grinder knives to prevent injuries, preventing property damage, grinding near underground utilities, etc.

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Illness and Injury Prevention Program

An effective program is vital to the profitability, professionalism, and success of your company. TCIA’s Illness & Injury Prevention Program will give you the necessary policies and procedures to develop a comprehensive and effective program of your own.

Program includes:

  • Comprehensive safety program checklist and detailed instructions
  • State-specific online resources
  • Boilerplate company policy and procedure language, in English and Spanish, that you can customize to your needs
  • More than 20 customizable forms in English and Spanish
  • Copy of the ANSI Z133 Safety standard

This written safety program won’t just help you make strides towards a more effective safety program, it will ensure employee accountability and also demonstrate compliance in case OSHA shows up.

And did you know that the Illness and Injury Prevention Program is one the best kept secrets that help Certified Treecare Safety Professionals (CTSP’s) build and refine their safety programs?

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TCI Pro Arborist Series

TCI Pro Arborist Series are a collection of practical TCI Magazine articles on subjects such as climbing, safety and other topics relevant to the working arborist.

Articles are accompanied by comprehensive quizzes that can be submitted to TCIA to grade and send to ISA on your behalf. You can earn a generous amount of continuing ­education units (CEUs) for a variety of industry certifications, including ISA and CTSP. Some titles are offered in Spanish.

TCI Pro Arborist Series VOL 1 – Climber Safety

Teaches the subjects of aerial rescue, rigging, climbing palms, load forces of climbing and more. 13 Articles! Also available in Spanish. Earn up to 11 ISA and 11 CTSP CEUs

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TCI Pro Arborist Series VOL 2 – PHC and IPM

Emphasizes the principles and components of PHC including tree diagnostics, pest detection and treatment and equipment and procedures. 10 Articles. Earn up to 7.5 ISA CEUs

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TCI Pro Arborist Series VOL 3 – Crew Safety

Provides guidance on how to stay safe and healthy on the job, and covers topics such as choosing the right saw for the job, good arborist ergonomics and common chipper accidents. 14 Articles! Also available in Spanish. Earn up to 9.75 ISA and 9.75 CTSP CEUs

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TCI Pro Arborist Series VOL 4 – Soil Management, Fertilization

Presents Soil Management ideas and information relevant to every plant health care provider. This collection of articles presents Soil Management ideas and information relevant to every plant health care provider. Divided into three topic sections, the Pro Arborist volume covers fertilizers and nutrition, soil structure and management, and soil biology. 12 Articles! Earn up to 8.25 ISA CEUs

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TCI Pro Arborist Series VOL 5 Safety Management & Loss Prevention

Subjects include safety program management and loss prevention measures. 13 Articles! Earn up to 8.5 ISA and 8.5 CTSP CEUs

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TCI Pro Arborist Series VOL 6 Tree Management with ANSI Standards

Pruning, climbing, root and soil management are shared through the ANSI perspective. 14 Articles! Earn up to 7  ISA/CA, 7 BCMA and 2 CTSP CEUs

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TCI Pro Arborist Series VOL 7 The Business of Safety

Covers a safety culture, accident predition, salespersons responsibility to safety, fleet management and other topics.14 Articles! Earn up to 5 ISA and 5 CTSP CEUs

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TCI Pro Arborist Series VOL 8 – Insects & Diseases

Topics include common pests such as the emerald ash borer and asian longhorned beetle, plant health care tools, and eco-friendly pesticides. 17 Articles! Earn up to 9.25 ISA CEUs.

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