The EHAP Process

EHAP is a great way to keep your crews aware of electrical hazards to reduce injuries and losses, plus keep your crews trained and ready.


Candidates should first order the EHAP Kit, which includes an EHAP training manual with six chapter tests and verification forms and a copy of ANSI Z133.1 safety standards. In order to complete EHAP training, a one-time viewing of the Electrical Hazards and Trees DVD and the Aerial Rescue Training Program DVD is required.

TCIA EHAP Starter Bundle
TCIA has created an EHAP Starter Bundle that simplifies the process and includes all the pieces you need to get started on the road to EHAP, plus a bonus ARTP Manual and Certificate Test with each DVD!

The EHAP Starter Bundle cost is $230 for members, $340 for non TCIA members.


Candidates must then complete the following requirements of the EHAP training program:

  • Pass six chapter tests with a grade of 85% or better (minimum of 21 out of 25 questions correct for most chapters); TCIA will correct each chapter test, including up to three retakes
  • Provide proof of watching the Electrical Hazards and Trees video
  • Provide proof of watching the Aerial Rescue video
  • Provide proof of performing a practice Aerial Rescue (Climbing or Aerial Lift) from a height of at least 35′.
  • Provide a copy of valid First Aid/CPR cards

Visit our training center to find EHAP workshops.

Upon Completion

Once a candidate has completed all training, TCIA will issue a certificate of completion (valid for one year from date of issue), as well as a laminated wallet card and helmet decal. Candidates also receive maintenance of transcript in the TCIA database and on-demand notification of transcript status via our toll free number.

The EHAP, Aerial Rescue Training Program, Tree Care Academy, and modules of the Tree Care Academy training programs are copyrighted training programs that have registered trademarks filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Only those individuals with valid certificates for a given program are allowed to display, warrant, or otherwise advertise affiliation with these programs, including but not limited to display of logos on office stationary, websites, certificates, wallets cards, business cards, and helmets/uniforms.