Compact Lift Specialist™

A compact lift is an excellent tool to provide workers efficient access to trees – provided that appropriate equipment is selected, it is properly maintained and serviced, and it is operated by trained and familiarized personnel.

Almost every aspect of tree work has some attendant risk, and running a compact lift is no exception. The purpose of this program is to help the operator recognize and avoid/mitigate hazards associated with lift use. To be fully effective, this training must be backed by ongoing monitoring to ensure compliance with all safe use practices.

Using this program, administered by TCIA, will help you verify, according to OSHA guidelines, that you the company owner, have given safety training to all of your employees according to their job descriptions. Like other Tree Care Academy programs, the Compact Lift Specialist program is designed to give an additional credential to your employee as well as to help establish the employee’s proficiency with a specific skill set.

The course covers:

  • General Safety.
  • Lift Inspection, Prep & Transport.
  • Lift Set-Up & Operation.
  • Emergency Response & Aerial Rescue.
  • Electrical & Environmental Hazards.

CEU’s: 2.5 ISA CEUs / 2.5 CTSP CEUs

In addition to the Compact Lift Specialist manual, you should include on-the-job training.
The following TCIA training products may also be used (optional):

  • Basic Training for Ground Operations in Tree Care DVD Series – Video 2
  • Aerial Rescue DVD


Use the checklist provided in the Compact Lift Specialist manual to verify and document that the enrollee has learned the required skills to be considered qualified according to OSHA and ANSI Z133.1 standards.

Enrollment and Benefits:

Our low enrollment fee includes the Compact Lift Specialist manual and:

  • Test correction and checklist verification by TCIA
  • Three test retakes after a failing grade
  • Transcript (training record) storage in TCIA database
  • Helmet Decal, Patch, Certificate and Laminated Wallet Card upon completion

Additional enrollments may be purchased separately, and one enrollment must be purchased for each employee enrolled in the program. Test answer sheets may not be photocopied.

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