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Our resources section provides downloadable materials that cover a wide variety of tree related topics.
Find invaluable business tools for your tree care company, safety guidelines and techniques to keep you safe, and consumer tools for homeowners that you will not find anywhere else.

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Featuring many additional resources and tools, like the popular TCIA Business Management Guide, TCIA Member Discounts program, customizable marketing materials, business templates, TCIA member logos, Members Benefit of the Month and much more.

  • October Benefit of the Month
    Revised ANSI A300 Part 2 – Soil Management (Fertilization) Standard order form
  • September Benefit of the Month
    Mr. Safety Debris Flow Chart Poster
  • July/August Benefit of the Month
    Best Practices for Safety in Arboriculture - Limbing and Bucking
  • June Benefit of the Month
    "Heat Illness Prevention Training Guide"
  • May Benefit of the Month
    "Work-site Inspection Card"
  • April Benefit of the Month
    "Ten Things You Need to Know When Working Around Electricity.” Insert included in the print version of the Reporter.
  • March Benefit of the Month
    "Understanding Rigging Rope Strength: A Basic Guide". Insert included in the print version of the Reporter.

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Arboriculture Resources

Plant Health Care


Accident Briefs

Each month in TCI Magazine, TCIA runs a summary of "Accident Briefs," which are taken from published reports or are reported directly to TCIA staff.


The data looks at strictly tree care operations among TCI readers and TCIA members.
About 17.5 million production hours were analyzed in the most recent year of this survey.


Best Safety Practices Programs

  • TCIA’s safety educational programs seek to provide tree care companies with the tools and information needed to improve safety and professionalism on the jobsite while complying with OSHA and ANSI requirements.

    These include:
    - Tailgate Safety
    - Best Practices for Crane Use in Arboriculture
    - Best Practices for Rigging in Arboriculture
    - Best Practices for SRT in Arboriculture
    - Best Practices for Stump Grinder Operations in Arboriculture
    - Illness and Injury Prevention Program
    - TCI Pro Arborist Series

Business Resources

Insurance & Loss Control




Compliance Resources

Safety Regulations

Driver's File

General Rules


Consumer Resources

Media > Consumer Alerts

Press Release

More for Consumers

Suppliers Directory

  • Find the latest products from reliable suppliers and manufacturers.

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